The Irony of Preference to Unhealthy Foods Over Healthy Food

The Irony of Preference to Unhealthy Foods Over Healthy Food

Whenever you hear of a person speaking about being addicted to food, it’s highly likely that they are referring to junk food like burgers or chips. Society is at a point where there is a food crisis, people are hardly taking any nutritious food anymore. Is it an addiction to sugars, or are individuals just too hazy about their health? Lifestyle diseases are steadily rising each day. Walk into a hospital and you’ll likely be shocked by the increasingly high number of diabetic, hypertension, or heart cardiac problem cases that are being recorded daily. Shockingly, they are no longer affecting older individuals but even the younger generation that seems to have lost touch with the first dietary principles. It is a sad state of affairs that needs to be addressed before it becomes too late.

Currently, the age expectancy limit is

Currently, the age expectancy limit is slowly going downwards, especially for male counterparts whose health is naturally dependent on high-energy intake. Naturally, men have more muscles than ladies, creating a natural demand for more energy-giving foods than protein content. This is how it should be though things are different when you hit the normal ground. People are opting for cheap expensive options that require minimal effort instead of healthy content that needs sufficient effort to obtain. However, the price to be paid is usually felt at later stages of your life. Sadly, the price may be too high to pay when it’s too late to mitigate the effects.

This state of affairs can be

This state of affairs can be attributed to different factors that are all working together either to benefit or destroy human beings. Improved technology has also affected trends in food production with an increase in genetically modified foods that don’t necessarily contain important nutrients. The simplicity of ordering food through mobile food applications has also contributed to the rise of intake of junk food. Just imagine junk food can now follow you straight to the steps of your door at home. Traditionally, most families only eat junk food once every several weeks or months during a day out. It is now easier to simply tap the food you want, and chances are you are ordering unhealthy food.

The Irony of Preference to Unhealthy Foods Over Healthy Food

Why is there an increasing craving for such unhealthy food yet there is sufficient knowledge about the harmful effects associated? Probably it’s a growing careless attitude. Most young people have resorted to living with you only once, kind of mentally. Junk food is mostly sold in hotels or restaurants, and as painful as it may be to believe this, their major concern is to make profits. Few eateries offer healthy food like chopped carrots or food containing cucumbers simply because it takes more time to cook yet it doesn’t quickly appeal to a hungry customer who is simply craving something sweet. To meet the demand, they prefer to deal with fried chips plus chicken and other sugary stuff that is fast prepared with higher profits.

If we are to face the truth, anything that is healthy is most likely bitter or sour to take. Food civilization has been a long process that those who lived before struggled with as they lived through generations. It was a matter of trial and error that led to the discovery of edible substances that still remain relevant. Their concern at the time was to eat foods that could still have some medicinal value to treat diseases that affected them. Currently, the modern man is more concerned about the taste and fulfillment of cravings that the stomach experiences. There is little concern about the long-term impacts of overtaking certain substances.

With an explosion of urban areas, there is hardly any land being left behind for natural farming activities. Government authorities have been reluctant to gazette certain lands as only usable for farming. Most food products are now being manufactured in factories, not to offer nutritional value but to meet the demand needed. It is therefore a problem that people are increasingly finding themselves unable to avoid due to inaccessibility. Junk food is usually available in almost every corner of each street you walk by. Since the mind is naturally attracted to good things, your mouth is likely to salivate at the first sight of such food. It still remains essential to maintain a healthy diet routine.